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Fee Structure





Fee Structure

An Admission fee of Rs. 25/- shall be paid at the time of Admission to the school.                  
Re-Admission fee of Rs. 100/- is also payable on Re-admission of a child.

The rates of fees charged monthly ( Payable quarterly ) in different classes is as under:

Class Admission Fee Re-Admission Fee Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi Computer Fee Tuition Fee
1. I to II 25 100 500
- -
2. III to VIII 25 100 500
3. IX to X 25 100 500
4. XI to XII 25 100 500
100** 400***


Fee Concession :

* Girls / SC/ST /wards of K.V. Employees are exempted from Tution fee.

* Single Girl Child are exempted to pay VVN from  VI onwards.

* Students  admitted under RTE ( Right to Education Act - 2009) are exemptedfrom the payment of  fees from Class - I till the completion of elementary education.

* Physically Challenged students with 40% disability are also exempted from the Payment of VVN and Tution fee.

* Students of the Parent belonging to BPL( Below Poverty Line) category are also exempted fro the Payment of VVN anf Tution fee.

Brother Concession :

* A parent whose two children ( Boys) are studying from class - IX to XII , the elder one will pay the full Tution Fee whereas the Younger one will pay the Half of the Tution fee.


Note: Computer Fee will be charged extra from who ever opts for Computer Science in +2 Level.
Girls / SC/ ST/ KV Employee Children are exempted from tuition fee.
Cost of Admission From / Prospectus is Rs. 100/-

Late fees – Rs 5/- per day if the fee paid is after 15th of the month ( students paying tuition fees will have to pay Rs. 10/- per day as fine along with their fees.)

Re-Admission – Non Payment of Fee/VVN with fine by above dates will liable the names struck off the rolls. The same can be restore on payment of Re-Admission fees of Rs. 100/- along with upto date fees and fines.

Note:- Due to the Interim Stay of the Hon'Able High Court Odisha , Fees at the old rate prevailing prior to September-2010 are being collected.